Escrow for freelancers,
and distributed
Streamlined workflow
Billinger fulfills all papers and payouts to each contractor either a distributed team member or freelancer.
Copyright Assignment
Simplified process of intellectual property exclusive rights transferring.
Accounting papers
Get a full set of accounting documents at the beginning of each month.
Automate Payments Routine
Make payouts all over the world to your colleagues and freelancers in a matter of minutes. We cover all major payment systems in Europe.
Reduce Costs
up to 30%
Cut expenses for distributed teams and individual management. Our ready-to-go accounting and payout instruments provide versatility at scale.
Pay worldwide
Payments conveniently possible in all major currencies via card, account or electronic wallet.
Work with international talent
Work with freelancers from 197 countries including Asia, Africa, CIS, Latin America and Europe.
Scale your business
Join us and spend more time growing your business: enlarge your team, enter new markets while we take care of all the bureaucracy.
Start with one click
Click the button and invite freelancer to join your team. We check their personal data, payment details, determine the country of residence, sign the contract and inform you about their readiness for the first task.
Business owners and CEOs
Optimize processes for company growth
Financial directors and accountants
Automate payments and documentation to save time
Project managers and department leads
Launch projects with new talent without bureaucracy
can benefit?
it works
Sign one contract with our company while we take care of contracts separately.
Create an account and invite freelancers
Add money to your balance to create a task
Accept the result of work
Pay for the task and receive accounting documents
and answers
Does the solution work with talent from around the world?

Yes. Billinger has its own business infrastructure — we can have contracts with freelancers in different jurisdictions. We pay for tasks in dollar, euros and rubles thanks to our partnerships with a variety of payment providers worldwide.

Is it possible to work with full-time employees with your solution?

No. Our solution works with freelancers only and not employees. We do not provide a payroll service.

How are the fees determined?

The fees depend on the amount paid for the work completed by the freelancer and tax residence of the company.

Will I have to pay taxes for freelancers?

No. Individuals pay taxes on their own income. It is up to you to decide whether to include the amount of tax in the payment or not. In some countries, Billinger helps freelancers automate the calculation and payment of income tax.

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