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Rates start from 3.5%*
*Depends on the tax residence
Features that streamline your processes
Escrow your tasks

Our escrow service can provide added security and protection as it minimizes the risk of payment disputes and ensures that both parties receive what they are entitled to.

Once the task is completed, the funds are released to the freelancer, only after acceptation of the work.

Manage documents & papers

Billinger enables you to receive generated documents, invoices, and acceptance deeds with ease. Sign these documents and simplify the entire process.

Obtain exclusive rights to the results of the freelancer's work with just one click, ensuring that you have complete ownership over the final product.

Effortless Payouts

Our platform allows you to make payments in multiple currencies, including dollars and euros.

Transfer funds to a card, bank account, or electronic wallet, depending on your preference.

Questions and answers
Is the service works with freelancers from different parts of the world?

Certainly. Billinger has established its own business infrastructure, allowing us to form contracts with freelancers in various jurisdictions across the globe. Our platform offers payment options in multiple currencies, such as dollars and euros, thanks to our partnerships with various payment providers worldwide.

How are the rates determined?

The rates are determined based on the amount paid for the completed task and the tax residency of the company.

Will I be responsible for paying taxes for my freelancers?

No, freelancers are responsible for paying taxes on their own income. It is your decision whether or not to include the amount of tax in the payment.

However, in some countries, we provide assistance to freelancers in automating the calculation and payment of income tax.

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