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All the support managers I've interacted have been courteous and efficient. They have been prompt in resolving any problems that arise, and they take a proactive approach to guarantee that everything runs smoothly. The service has only gotten better since my client started using their services.

Andrew D.
Satisfied with Billinger

Service works smoothly. The withdrawal of funds to the card is swift and the reports are submitted on time. Additionally, the commission is reasonable.

Shelly K.
26000+ freelancers from 60 countries have done 1 million tasks
Questions and answers
Can I trust that I will receive payment?

Yes, as long as the task is finished without delay. Billinger guarantees the safety of transactions by offering an escrow account and releasing payment from it once the task is completed. If there is any disagreement about the outcome, you can open a dispute or contact us for assistance. We will either assist you or bring in an impartial mediator.

Will I need to pay taxes while working with Billinger?

Yes. Taxes is your full responsibility according your residence country lrgislation. 

Can you provide documentation to verify the income from using your service?

Certainly, we provide a comprehensive set of documents that are automatically generated, including an offer contract, statements of work completed or services rendered, and invoices. This is sufficient for declaring income to tax authorities in any country or for verification purposes at a bank. 

How does the customer receive the proposal and confirm the order?

To send an offer to a customer, you can use our mail or messenger service. The customer will need to create an account or sign in to the platform to accept the offer. Once received, the client will be notified by email and the offer will be available in their personal account. They can review, accept or request revisions to the offer. When the offer is accepted, an official agreement will be established, and you can track its status in your own personal account.

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